Revision Of Medical Devices General Terms

FR.MED.63 Medical Devices General Terms has been revised on 08.01.2016. . Please click here for more details.

About Szutest

SZUTEST is an inspection, testing, training, supervision and certification body providing international service. Additionally, it is carrying on a business as a Notified Body with the number 2195 in many EU regulations.


SZUTEST provides services in the fields of particular product groups of machines, medical devices, lifts, pressure equipment, gas burning devices, construction materials, product, system, Gost-R, welded manufacture, inspection.

International Offices

SZUTEST provides all of its services to the global markets through its Chinese, South Korean, Russian, Indian offices.

Certificate Inquiry

It will be enough to write the first three letters of your company’s name and certificate number in the space beside it in order to inquire the certificate you have obtained from Szutest.

You can check the certificate in the scope of Szutest Personnel Certificaiton accreditiaon (EN ISO 17024) by entering the first 3 letters of the name displayed on the certificate and the certificate number.

Apply Now

You may make all applications easily by calling the number
0216 469 4666 or clicking on the field of ONLINE APPLICATION.